pizza deal
103 Hobart Rd
Kings Meadows
Launceston TAS 7250


Deal Conditions
2 Large Pizza Deal
The Large pairs deal is available ONLY by pairs, and an order with an odd number will result in the last pizza priced @ the regular price.

Our Pairs Deal DO NOT include the:
*Four Corners
*Tandori Chicken
*Sweet Chilli Chicken

* New Promotional Pizzas

Extra toppings are an extra $1.00
extra prawns and chicken $2.50.
“Swapping” of topping, ie alterations to the standard menu, will incur .$1.00 extra.
Half and half pizzas will incur $1.00 extra cost per pizza.

Purchasing our regular priced pizzas will result in more, fuller topping pizzas than purchasing our pairs deal.


Deal Conditions

2 Family Pizza Deal
The Family Meal deal is available all year round .

Our Pairs Deal includes all our menu pizzas and promotional pizza flavours.
The free 1.25lt soft drink is any of our flavours carried in store at the time.

We will validate this deal no matter how many pairs of family pizzas are purchased in one order.
(for e.g. 4 family Pizzas = 2 free 1.25lt soft drinks)


* We also do Half and Half pizzas and additional charge of $1.00 per pizza.
* Extra or additional toppings can be added to any pizza with charge.

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